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Re: dinosaur: the encyclopedia

> In a message dated 97-07-25 18:27:06 EDT, tuckr@digital.net writes:
> <<  Suffice it to say, I rescued the package at first light the following day
> and have been devouring it whenever I can find some free time. >>
> Don's heart is in the right place, but the book is so darn full of typos
> (i.e., misspelled dino names and mistyped specimen numbers) that every entry
> has to be rechecked against the literature. Don says he paid someone to proof
> the galleys, but this has proved a clear waste of money. Should have paid me
> instead; it's my specialty, I could have used the $$$, and Don's book would
> have been virtually typo-free.

    Someday, I'll apply to the Powers-That-Be for your and Glut's elevation to 
sainthood. How does 
"Saint George the Dragon Seeker" sound?