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Re: Velociraptor footprints

jamolnar@juno.com wrote: One extant bird of prey _is_ a ground-based
runner: the Secretary Bird of
> Africa.  I don't know the status of its talons, though.  My guess is they
> are blunted.
> Judy Molnar
> Education Associate, Virginia Living Museum
> vlmed@juno.com
> jamolnar@juno.com
> All questions are valid; all answers are tentative                     Thanks 
> Judy.I'm glad somebody brought this up.Didn't someone on this list post a 
> message (I'm sure it's somewhere in the archives) about the Secretary Bird? I 
> seem to remember the author of the message saying that these beasties had a 
> smaller version of dromaeosaur type claw.And then a line about seeing tracks 
> that showed the bird actually held the claw off the ground while walking.I 
> know I've seen film of them preying on snakes by basically running up and 
> stomping (slashing?) them with those feet but the feet were hard to see 
> clearly.If anyone has good current information on these birds please jump in 
> "share it with the class".>G<....Thanks, Sean C.