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D. hayi?????

Is there anyone on the list that has exact measurements of Diplodocus
hayi? I was flipping through Donald F Glut's _The Complete Dinosaur
Dictionary_ ?1982? and on page 125 there is a picture of this animal
that is labeled Houston Museum of Natural Science.The skeleton is
beautiful and it looks HUGE.The neck is raised (yet not anywhere near
vertical) and judging by the objects around it appears to rise at least
30 ft off the floor.The objects include a life size White Pointer
shark,some cetacean skeleton,and in the background a person walking
by.The hall apears to have two floors but looking at the person each
"story" is at least 15 ft.Yet this diplodocid fills the hall even with
curved dragging tail, and it's head seems level with the ceiling of the
second floor.If anyone is familiar with this mount what are it's
dimensions?----Thanks, Sean C.