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Irenichnites gracilis [was Velociraptor footprints]

At 03:11 PM 7/26/97 -0400, Dan Varner wrote:
> A large pad
>may have helped make digit 2 of the dromaeosaur foot still functional while
>still protecting the murderous digit.I'll repeat a reference I made to the
>list a month or so ago. C.M. Sternberg in 1932 illustrated a trackway from
>the Peace River, British Columbia( Nat'l Museum of Canada Ann. Rept.
>1930:59-85)showing digit 2 of a theropod as being isolated from the rest of
>the pes impression. I believe the trackway was named Irenichnites
>(?gracilis). I still think this would be a good suspect. 

        Irenichnites gracilis Sternberg is the animal that I referred to
earlier. I only have diagrams of single pes imprints, but I am assuming that
the "separated" digit is the 2nd digit. The track is of the right size and
digital proportions to be Deinonychus antirrhopus, which inhabited coeval
deposits elsewhere. The "gap" (there is actually a faint impression between
the toe and the rest of the foot) between the 2nd digit and the rest of the
print can be explained by the short 2nd metatarsal causing the proximal
portion of the toe to not contact the substrate entirely. I believe that,
just as Tetrapodosaurus borealus is probably a synonym of Sauropelta,
Irenichnites gracilis is a synonym of Deinonychus.