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'97 Hell Creek tease

Hello All,

Just a quick posting to let you all know our group had a very good year. We
found and worked on a veary good Triceratops skull, Ankylosaur jaw, and
much Hadrosaur material.

The Triceratops site has all the indicators of being a bone bed, as there
are bones scattered throughout a sandstone spire. At this same place we
recovered many more fragments of skull material, a free horn, ribs, and
limbs. While this years work was exciting the prospects for massive jackets
coming out are real.

Oh yeah, we collected a pile of theropod shed teeth, including Dromeosaur
teeth. One larger tyrannosaurid tooth had the traces of jaw material still

We closed our first quarry, a Hadrosaur site, recovering a scapula and two
more vertebrate. The scapula was outstandingly well preserved.

Oh BTW John Bishop and those interested should check out the
Pachycephalosaur wyomingensis skull, NOT JUST A SKULL CAP, at Dino Russ's
Lair. I forget the www address. Any way that is the skull I found and I
know for a fact it is much more than a water worn cap. Yahoo will get you

The big downer for this years visit to South Dakota was evidence of fossil
looting. Debra Boaz has every right to be pissed off about the media and
the theft from the site she mentioned. I really hope I never meet such a
bastard in the field, 'cause I can still hurl a siderite concretion with
deadly force, and would! Our host requested I bring the culprit to him.

When I've had a chance to recover from driving straight through to Arkansas
I'll post more.

Roger A. Stephenson
exhausted dino digger