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Dunkleosteus sculpture coming

(Dinosaur list people who aren't interest in prehistoric animal 
sculptures should delete now):

Those of you who followed the story of the incredible missing 
Dunkleosteus sculpture in Prehistoric Times (how could such a 
monster, such a fascinating subject have eluded sculpture for so 
long while we get three hundred T. Rexes?) will note with pleasure 
that Wiccart, the producer of great skull restorations, is doing it's 
first life restoration, of everyone's favorite plate-toothed 

If you wish to check out Wiccart's products page (including a 
description of the Dunkleosteus kit at the bottom), go here:

Keep in mind that 1) it's a commercial site and 2) I am in no way 
affiliated with Wiccart.  Some cool stuff though.

I for one can't wait for the kit to display dwarfing a 1/35th scale 
Stegosaur!  Now *that's* a fish . . .


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