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The fact that our brilliant resident artist is hawking his original oils
wouldn't bother me at all if I had even a hope of ever being able to
afford one.  But as it stands, I can only dream of seeing something that
precious hanging in a cherished, safe, softly lit corner of my home.  

Alas, dream I will Greg.  But oh how I wish I had something I could
offer you in trade for one of your stunning paintings.  You have no idea
how sincerely I mean that. 

Best of luck to a master. And whoever can offer Greg what he's worth,
sigh, please treat the treasure with respect. 


GSP1954@aol.com wrote:
> Being offered for sale are a limited number of original oils. My color
> images of dinosaurs and pterosaurs have appeared in Time, Smithsonian,
> EarthWatch, Omni, and Science Digest, and are a common feature in dinosaur
> documentaries and art shows. These works have been part of the first
> generation dinosaur art that illustrated the revolution in dinosaur
> paleontology. Among the results of this "new look" is Jurassic Park, in the
> credits of which I appear. This art has both historical and educational value
> for museums that feature prehistoric life. It may also be of interest to
> private collectors. From about 2 ft to 4 ft in dimensions, these oils are
> expensive with prices starting well into four figures.  Therefore, serious
> inquiries only, please.
> Gregory Paul
> GSP1954@aol.com