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Giants of the Gobi & Oregon's dino's

Hey everybody,
        I just got back from Oregon(on my honeymoon) and I saw the Giant of
the Gobi at Portland's OMSI. It was a taped tour with "Mr. Roy Chapman
Andrew's" as your guide. It attempts to give the feel with wind and era
appropriate equipment. There was about 6 different dinos; the ever obvious
Protoceratops, Oviraptor,Archeornithomimus,Psittacosaurus,Pinacosaurus  and
Nurosaurus. It was interesting but small, I always want more. The info
seemed acurate the eggs were oviraptor eggs NOT Protoceratops(Dinomation has
an exhibit in Sacramento with a Proto nest with attacking Velociraptors?!).
Questions I have are few:
        1. Proto had 5 digits on front limbs and only 4 on back. Were IV & V
fused and maybe not clear on this cast?
        2. About Nurasaurus; I can't find it in my Dinosauria but the skull
looks to be a Camarasaur possibly? Any info would be great. 

The volunteers were helpful and two actually took our address to log on.
Also, the Museum has a Triceratops they are working on, you can volunteer
and actually work on extracting it from the plaster jacket and then the
matrix. Sigh! 

And if that was not enough I also made it to the Oregon Prehistoric
Garden!!!Now, you have to go in knowing that the man who built it is now 90.
It is in a little valley that averages 10 feet of rain a year. The
vegetation is out of this world if not acurate for the critters. There is a
huge sign with the history of earth, then two on paleobotany(Even after
having a class in this area I can't tell how acurate it was). There were
dino's,therapsids,early reptiles etc. All life size in the wild growth with
accompanying facts. If you remember when it was done it is very acurate and
wonderful. And OH!! the gift shop!! Cheap plastic dino's comming out your
ears. I got bone china stegos and a package about 1/2 inch by 2inch circle
that when placed in water becomes a 13 inch square wash cloth with stego on
it!!!! Totally cool! One word of warning...the elderly gentleman who owns
and runs it is VERY testy about all this new fangled science and won't hear
a word about up-right posture,warm blood or any other "new" stuff. Absolutly
worth it if you are on the southern coast of Oregon. 
        I unfortunatlly ran out of time and did not get to the Primative
fish exhibit at the Oregon Aquarium but it looked nice. Only sour note was a
remarkable lack of herps at the Portland zoo but they did have naked mole
rats so I guess it all evens out:-)  Overall very interesting visit. 

                         Jennifer R. Kane,
                           FWP(frustrated wannabe Paleontologist)

P.S. Did yu know you are not allowed to pump your own gas in Oregon?? It is
all self serve!!! Boy were we spoilled after a week.