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Re: Giants of the Gobi & Oregon's dino's

Jack Kane wrote:
> Hey everybody,
>         I just got back from Oregon(on my honeymoon) and I saw the Giant of
> the Gobi at Portland's OMSI. It was a taped tour with "Mr. Roy Chapman
> Andrew's" as your guide. It attempts to give the feel with wind and era
> appropriate equipment. There was about 6 different dinos; the ever obvious
> Protoceratops, Oviraptor,Archeornithomimus,Psittacosaurus,Pinacosaurus  and
> Nurosaurus. It was interesting but small, I always want more. The info
> seemed acurate the eggs were oviraptor eggs NOT Protoceratops(Dinomation has
> an exhibit in Sacramento with a Proto nest with attacking Velociraptors?!).

There are Proto eggs recognized by the Russians, that first recognized
the "socalled Proto eggs" as theropod, based on shell microstructuture.
Real Proto eggs are smooth, smaller, and have a different shell
microstructure. Both egg types are elongate.

Jim K.

P.S. I'll look for some when I'm at the Flaming Cliffs in a few weeks. "
just had to say that 8-)