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The Lab

Hello all, its the obnoxious Aussie again.

For those interested in the details of the outcome of the recent
creation/science court case in Sydney, read on. For those interested in a
new, sexy science website, read on. For the rest of you, try whistling.

A quick plug for the new home page that I helped to create. The Lab is the
science gate way for the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) and
features a summary of all our science broadcasting as well as presenting
up-to-date science issuse with an Australian perspective (shorter words,
complete sentences and correct spelling, that sort of thing). It is well
worth a browse for anyone interested in science. You'll find us at


My part of the site is called the Correx Files which presents a radio
series I write, produce and present on a local station. I deal with
pseudoscience and junk science. One of the episodes, Creation on Trial,
reviews the results of the recent trial in Sydney of the creationist
organisation Arksearch. All episodes can be downloaded as realaudio sound
files and transcripts are also available at the site (or will be very
soon). There is also a photo and brief biog of me (now that soounds
inticing!). Check it out at


Let me know what you think on the feedback page offered there.

Back to the dinosaurs.



Dr Paul M.A. Willis
Consulting Vertebrate Palaeontologist
Quinkana Pty Ltd