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Re: This is a test

On Sun, 27 Jul 1997, Tracy Ford wrote:

> Who was the first person to place the Sauropoda with the Theropoda into 
> the Saurischia?


> What was the year?

1887 introduced, published 1888

> What was his reason for doing so?

It supported Marsh's observation of Sauropods and Theropods having the
same kind of hip, lack of armor, and pnematization within the bones
Thought to be an indicator of a semi-aquatic lifestyle for both groups.
Also noted was the reduced length of fore-limbs in both, a condition
noted for early Triassic forms (the primitive semi-sprawled stance) and
later supported with Huene's (1908?) work with Prosauropods.

> The answer may supprise some of you.
> Tracy