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>The pioneering work on tool use in New Caledonian crows, incidentally, was
>by our own Ron Orenstein.

Darren Naish (who will be missed here) is very kind, but it is a bit of a
stretch to describe what I did as "work" - basically I saw the birds in
action in New Caledonia in 1970, and wrote up a report which was published
in The Auk in 1973.  Gavin Hunt of New Zealand, whose paper was published
in Nature last year, actually did a study on the subject.

I can add sittellas (birds from Australia and New Guinea that convergently
resemble nuthatches) to the list of known tool-users (they use bark chips
as probes); also I think one would have to include bowerbirds, some of
which use berries as "paintbrushes" to decorate the inside of their bowers.
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