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Re: Questions again

bruce thompson wrote:
> >When at first you get no response try try again. Please, I would like any
> >information as to where Nurasaurus fits into the world of saurapods. Is it
> >even a legit critter? ANY response would be pretty nice at this 
> >point.-Jennifer
> Do you mean that Mongolian beastie, Nuerosaurus? (sp?)  It was on display
> at Fernbank Museum in Atlanta a couple of years ago.  It may be worthwhile
> checking their website and see if they still have any info up.  Don't have
> the URL handy, but it should be easy to find in a simple Yahoo search.
> bruce
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Yeah, I saw this specimen along with the other Mongolian fossils at
Fernbank in Atlanta. Very impressive. 

Greg Popwell