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Re: Troodontid (unnamed).

At 09:02 PM 8/3/97 -0700, you wrote:
>In National Geographic #7, 96, there is a photo of a partial skull of an 
>'unnamed troodontid', has this one got a name yet?


>What about the two mongolian dromaeosaurids in Mongolia?

No, sir.

>The dromaeosaurid in France?

In press.

>The japanese dromaeosaurid,

Not yet.

>or the Madagascarian?

God, I hope this one is soon!!!

>When are new dinosaurs to be named anyway?!?

Patience, people, patience.
It takes time to
a) find;
b) prepare;
c) describe;
d) compare with other known forms;
e) write up your thoughts;
f) send draft to colleagues for comment;
g) get back comments and incorporate them;
h) write up manuscript for submission;
i) send in submission;
j) have paper sent out by editor for peer review;
k) peer review;
l) have peer review comments collated by editor;
m) have editor send back peer review comments to author;
n) incorporate changes from peer review;
o) have editor accept final changes;
p) have paper scheduled for publication;
q) have page proofs printed and sent to author as publication nears;
r) have page proofs corrected by author;
s) have corrections incorporated back into text;
t) have issue printed;


u) have issue shipped out.

Note that something horrible can (and does) require repeating any step in
this process.  Also note: if you have several different new taxa to
describe, and some are of groups you find more interesting than others, you
have to put off the others until later.

(Hey, if paleontology was easy, EVERYBODY would be doing it!)

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