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Dunkleosteus length

Dunn1@IDT.net wrote:

<This leads to a question I've asked before but never got a reply to: 
Wiccart's model will be 1/35th scale and assumes D. reached lengths 
of 30' or more.  They are modeling it on the more traditional 
rendition of D. rather than the new sharklike trend (there's a 
picture of this on the Wiccart website in case you're interested).  
Is this length estimate in line with the current thinking of those 
who disagree with the shark body-form?  Should he say it's 1/12th 
scale instead?  Length estimates I've seen recently all top out at 
about 16' but they assume the more compact sharklike form.>

I read once that the known maximum length for D. was 40', but the
book was so old they called him Dinicthys.  Sorry if this is off-topic
and should have gone through private e-mail.

Jeremy Frost

"If you love your foot, die for it."