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Re: Lost World -SPOILER-

Dictator-for-life Calvin wrote:
> Here's some thoughts on The Lost World

> Overall, I really liked the movie, mostly because I finally got
> enough T. rex action to satisfy me.  As long as I got to watch him
> (her?) stomp around, I didn't care if it was Seaport Village or the
> Valles Marineris.  My only real beef with the movie was that Sarah
> Harding, the only paleontologist among the major characters, was a
> complete idiot (come to think of it, Burke was none too sharp, either).

> I did think it was a nice touch that the one of the rexes had slashes
> across its cheek reminiscent of the intraspecific combat pathologies
> seen in Sue et. al.  Although I wonder who did the damage.  
  Or maybe the scar was Stego inflicted.
> Here's a final thought:  JP has it's Horner/Grant, LW has its
> Bakker/Burke.  If the franchise continues, who's next in line?
How about Larson/Larson? Between Pete and Neal, they should be able to
correct all the boo-boos in the first two films. At the same time you'd
get a REAL story line. Maybe we'll get to see more of the baby rex also.
Another four years should get it grown enough to participate in the
family group. At least it had its first taste of human-burger. Hope that
expensive suit didn't give it indigestion ;-} 
BTW, on the SCI-FI Channel this evening they had a Making Of - show
where Speilberg said they put the Stegos in because of popular demand.
Anything else worthy of nomination?

Gertrude Smith