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Re: Official State Dinosaurs

Steve Jackson wrote:
> Texas is about to name an official state dinosaur (Pleurocoelus, an
> unremarkable small brachiosaurid).
Who says "unremarkable"? When you have as little fossil material as we
do in Arkansas, this creature is highly appreciated. These beasts made
those tracks over at Nashville (Arkansas).
> Can anyone direct me to a listing of other Official State Dinosaurs and/or
> "State Fossils" ?  Thanks!
I think Dinosaur Society Dino Times did something. Let me know off-list
if you need me to check on this. How about an "unofficial" dinosaur for
Arkansas: Arkansaurus fridayi, a swift little ornithomimid. Dr.
Kirkland  was going to take another look at the lone foot of the local
specimen so what info I have is tentative and at least two years old.
>  Steve Jackson - yes, of SJ Games - 
Yes, I love DINO HUNT and DON'T have ALL the cards!

Gertrude Smith