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Amber Web Links


Using a standard search of the Internet using the key words 'amber' and 
'insect' produces something like 60,000 returns. The problem therefore is 
not finding sites related to amber but sorting through them!

I have been using the Internet for the last 4 years and I have collected a 
number of favourite amber sites I have visited time and time again. Some of 
them are well known others perhaps rather more obscure. The following list 
therefore does not cover every amber site I have ever visited but certainly 
those I would recommend.

You will need to use a web browser to access these sites, usually Internet 
Explorer or Netscape Navigator. To travel to the site type in the URL as 
written below in the URL display window of your browser and press the 
return key. (A Uniform Resource Locator is an address in cyberspace for the 
relevant web site). Be careful, a single error or letter transposition will 
prevent you from accessing the correct site . Alternatively, if your bro  
wser supports this function simply double click on the URL address 
highlighted and this will automatically launch your browser and take you to 
the specific site.

Happy Surfing!

This in my view is the premier amber web site on the Internet. A very 
simple layout, full of information and with ample coverage in most areas. 
The background colour of yellow can be a little garish and visually other 
than the photographs the layout has an elementary style. Updated perhaps 
two or three times a year.

Designed by a graphics professional the site has simple and clean layout. 
The content covers some basic aspects of amber and its related studies. Its 
a shame the site is not larger and covering more than just primary details. 
Infrequently updated.

A strange web site this one. The content appears slightly jumbled with 
links to different sections interspersed throughout the opening page and 
with no apparent structure for the reader to easily follow. Some 
interesting sections however are to be found. Never updated.

Included here only for one reason. The author of these pages collects 
Baltic amber and also takes stereo photographs. This particular page 
contains 13 photographs if amber inclusions 11 of which are stereo. A 
unique site for this reason alone. Infrequently updated.

A commercial site run by a company specialising in amber jewellery and 
insect inclusions. Predominantly a site trying to sell you amber there are 
however some informative sections together with a page advertising and 
displaying some rather nice, if expensive insect inclusions in Dominican 
Republic amber. One remarkable section has details of a partial lizard for 
sale contained in amber from Bitterfield, Germany. Worth a visit if only to 
look at this vertebrate. Infrequently updated.

The supporting web site for the recent amber exhibition at the American 
Natural History Museum in 1996. Some quality photographs and effective 
layout make this an excellent site to visit. I would hope and encourage the 
AMNH to extend its content to broader aspects of amber studies. Never 
updated since new.

Quite an impressive site this with a different and engaging layout. 
Coverage is broad in terms of  the issues it links to and some of detail 
contained within it.  More frequently updated than many other of the amber 
sites and definitely worth a visit.

An relatively new commercial site selling amber. This time operating from 
the Dominican Republic. The photographed pieces are simply displayed as 
thumbnail pictures which can be enlarged by clicking on them. It is very 
effective and simple to peruse the range of inclusions for sale. The prices 
are also reasonable. Not much in the way background information however. 
Only recently published, updating policy yet to be assessed.

One of my favourite sites to visit. The site utilises 'frames' to make 
navigation of the site easier. It contains some superb photographs of 
insect inclusions and has a fairly broad coverage of amber studies. 
Essentially a site aimed at promoting the Museum its content is visually 
impressive and has obviously been developed with a lot of enthusiasm. 
Updated perhaps once or twice a year.

Only included here because of one picture, a photograph of a Diptera 
trapped in amber from the Raritan formation of New Jersey.

A famous fossil dealing company which carries a huge line of amber and 
copal inclusions from the Dominican Republic, Africa and South America. A 
visually totally uninspiring web site, not a single graphic to be found, 
however the list of inclusions for sale is extensive and worth a visit if 
only to read the lists.

Essentially a tourist guides web site, this particular section links to 
some fascinating background information concerning the local amber industry 
of Kaliningrad. Well worth a visit to read about the Yantarny (formerly 
Palmnicken) factory and the illegal digging and gathering of amber in this 
area. There are no graphics and no inspirational page layouts, essentially 
it is written text displayed in web page format.

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