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The Dinosaur Web Pages

After many a long hour of toiling away, a new, enhanced version of my
dinosaur pages is complete! Features include:

-over 100 genera added, including junior synonyms and nomina dubia,
oblita, et vana (total of nearly 800 non-ornithothoracean ornithodirans)
-citations for all species, including junior synonyms
-citations and more information for pterosaurian genera
-more specific information on time and place
-a list of all known remains of each dinosaur
-"incertae sedis" on the cladograms
-as usual, old information has been checked and new information added
-also some recent acquisitions on the gallery page

Coming later this summer:
-souped-up book list!
-3D Carnotaurus animation!

So come on down and satiate that quench of yours for things dinosaurian.
Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

--T. Michael Keesey
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