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DinosØMP wrote (quoting me):
<<> Loss of the cranial portion of the pubic boot. 
> more or less like a J and is seen in _Unenlagia_, _Archaeopteryx_,
> "Linsterosaurus", the flying raptor, 

"Lilliensternosaurus"?!?! What is "Lilliensternosaurus"? Have I missed 
something very important?!?!>>

Woops.....  I forgot to explain that didn't I?  That'll make me think twice
about writing email at 3:00AM (but writing it at 1:15AM [now] is just

First off, it is "Linsterosaurus".  And secondly, that name is not to leave
email because it is my own personal unofficial name for a small
Dromaeosaur-like theropod discovered on private land near Bynam MT (which is
near Chouteou.... Chouteoua..... SHODO MT) by the Linster family of
Stevensville (not Stephensville) MT.  It honors the Linsters (duh) and is an
easy name to remember rather than 'Montana Raptor' or cf _Velociraptor_ (this
thing is NOT _Velociraptor_) or cf _Saurornitholestes_ (could be
_Saurornitholestes_, but that means that _S_ is not synonymous with
_Velociraptor_) or whatever else the thing has been called.

It was written up in an article one or two years ago in "The Fossil News" and
was called by the nickname "Bambi".  I do not like that name and will
continue to call it "Linsterosaurus" until it is described officially, which
was supposed to have happened a few months ago, but alas, has not.

Anyways.......   There are photos of this thing at the website:


and I also wrote a post about with a title similar to something like "THE
SECRET'S OUT" last fall sometime, which has a whole lot of info in it.
 Something I would like to add though, is that the pubis is almost identical
(like mirror image) to that of _Unenlagia_.  This thing is not

OK, so that is what I meant when I wrote "Linsterosaurus"....

Peter Buchholz

The missing link isn't missing anymore