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dino egg in NM

OK, the evening news here in DC had a report of a find in New Mexico:  a
three year old playing in the dirt found what he claimed to be a dinosaur
egg.  This child was finally believed by his father, who turned the egg
over to scientists.  Now, the names of the child, the father and the
scientists involved were NOT mentioned, much to my annoyance.  However,
the report claimed that the find was confirmed as being from the Upper
Jurassic; also stated that the egg was that of an unnamed theropod;
further, that there could be some more evidence for the dino-to-bird
theory.  Just enought information to be tantalizing and annoying.  So,
who out there has more details?  Who has charge of this fossil?  Is the
thing being described, or is work still being done on it?  Let the rest
of us know!!!

I worship Eris and love fossils