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Re: Disney's Dinosaur was Re: Dinosaur

> From:          JawaHutt@aol.com

> In a message dated 97-06-28 06:44:59 EDT, you write:
> << And if so, which one says that dinosaurs talked?
>  Larry >>
> They probably talked, just in their own language like Dogs, Cats, and other
> animals.

Au contrare, mon ami.  Word has it that there's a 50-50 chance that 
this incredibly expensive, exhaustive, all-CGI reproduction of the 
late Cretaceous NA habitat will cap off all this incredible realism 
by featuring talking dinosaurs.  Not talking "ra ra", "bellow 
bellow", but talking "Hey Murray, heard you got ambushed by 
Steve, that new Tyrannosaur.  Glad to see you got away missing 
only a bit of your tail."  

THAT kind of talking.  Brother.  Talk about a moustache on the Mona 
Lisa --

I'm not interested in how dinosaurs lived
I'm just glad they're dead

Jack Horner as quoted by Dan Quayle