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Re: The Summers Theory: The General Basics

Take care, gentlemen. Summers may not have a valid theory. I don't know. 
I have not read her book and I'm not a paleontologist. But, bet she's a 
pretty savey lady that will ( has ) already taken her idea to the bank 
and will improve her bank account on a sequel. Ever heard of Daniken? If 
you have visited Central America and know something of anthropology, you 
also know Daniken's book was a crock, but he really cashed in on it. Bet 
he has more toys than the rest of us put together. Would also stake 6 
months salary on a wager that Summers publisher provided some rationale for 
her being called a paleontologist. It wasn't her idea. The publisher 
wanted to enhance her credibility and gave her an excuse .Believe me, I know 
how these publishers work.Any takers?

Stephen Faust                   smfaust@edisto.cofc.edu

On Sun, 29 Jun 1997, Sean Connell wrote:

> The Frederick Family wrote:
> > 
> > All right, for those of you interested in my Summers Theory:
> > 
> >     Facts indicate so far that dinosaurs were the first general life on
> > Earth besides organisms and plants. Now we can probably rule out the
> > organisms as the base of life at this point, because at a new stage such as
> > that all that would have been possible is further organism creation. 
> Wes that part had me rolling on the damned floor :-)
> Ok.Good. We're finally at the really good stuff..the next word is
> "relevancy", so it must be good.
> > relevancy is still there. As basic evidence, humans, when sunburned, 
> > slough off a layer of skin, and grow new skin and lose skin daily at a
> > molecular level. As for man descending from apes, this is still possible 
> > as-- still possible huh Wes? ;-)
> > well, except that the apes were not the first rung in sapien evolution. The
> > next step in this sequence of theories is my theory on extinction, the
> > Repercussions Theory, and will be included next time. Please note this 
> Ooooh! I can't wait!
> > 
> > Brittany Frederick, paleontolgist and author of "The Ancients: Hidden
> >
> This guy REALLY pisses me off!"paleontolgist" my ass.If he hadn't said
> that so much I wouldn't have a problem with him being on this list.I
> would see him as someone who had an interest and was just starting to
> pursue it, but to go around telling people that he's a paleontologist
> and putting it on a damned book is too much.Well Wes that's my rant.
> :-)  Take care, Sean C.