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    Ever since this cloning thing broke a few days ago, I've had some
observations I've wanted to bounce off someone--and you're all elected.

     1)  First of all, I'm surprised that people equate a clone with a
carbon (pun intended) copy.  Genetics only code for _potential_ expression
of traits; clearly, environment, diet, lifestyle, etc., dictate the final
product.  Even genetically identical humans--identical twins--are clearly
not the same--although sometimes it takes a little familiarity to tell them

     2)  The concept of, say, a Hitler being able to clone himself and make
Hitlers forever is ridiculous to me.  Does anyone really think that clones
would by definition be of the same mind?  No way!  (Again, see the
identical twin analogy--although there have been some unusual twin
phenomenon. . . .)

     3)  Some people say that cloning is not "natural."  Well, there are
two ways to look at that.  One:  Humans, along with everything else in the
universe, are natural. Therefore, anything we do is also natural, including
the poisoning of environment and populating ourselves into oblivion.
Stupid, but natural.  (I guess that means in those cases at least we're
naturally stupid.)  So by _that_ definition cloning is natural--and may
eventually turn out to be stupid, too--but at least in the short run, I
can't see why. . .  Two:  (Conversely)  In vitro fertilization is not
"natural" either, but you don't hear these cloning luddites complain about
that.  (Of course, IVF has given us the unintended consequences of
surrogate motherhood, broken contracts, etc.)

      Obviously cloning in and of itself doesn't bother me.  How it can be
"subverted" for some sort of diabolical end is beyond me.  (But humans are
amazing creatures who, in our teeming multitudes, manage to think up all
sorts of crazy crap, so I'm not saying that diabolical subversion couldn't
happen.  Or completely unintended consequences.)
      So what am I missing here, folks?  I'm interested in any replies or
observations.  (Send off-line.)  Thanks.

T.A. Curtis
13980 Lyons Valley Road
Jamul, CA   91935-2024