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Re: [Fwd: Re: NOVA]

At 05:55 PM 2/28/97 -0700, kel, girl dino writer wrote:

>Depends entirely on who you believe, Jonathon.  And either way, science
>got screwed.  At least in Pete's hands (a degreed paleontologist devoted
>to careful record keeping and furthing the science), Sue would have been
>here to study and enjoy.  As it stands, she may end up in Japan.  In
>fact, I'd be willing to bet on it. 

Let's not let the ugly face of jingoism raise its head here, folks.  Japan
has several excellent natural history museums available, at one of which
(the National Science Museum of Japan, in Tokyo) is a curator who is a
degreed paleontologist in vertebrate (specifically, fossil reptile)
paleontology (UNLIKE the BHI folks, whose background is outside of fossil

I would much rather have Sue wind up in the hands of a foreign museum than
in the hands of a private American collector (say, Michael Jackson) who
wouldn't give any scientists access to the specimen.

(Of course, what I'd REALLY like to see is the specimen wind up were I could
get to it in a day trip... :-)

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changed into life as we see it around us to-day."
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