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Re: Nova and this thread

On Mon, 3 Mar 1997, Roger A. Stphenson wrote:

> Hello all,
>Those of you that do no field work cannot
>tell those of us that work our asses off to recover these bones that our
>efforts are appreciated when that hadrosaur rib is again entombed, and
>maybe never seen again. This is what I classify as refossilization, and
>is much sadder than seeing the rubble of a naturally erroded bone. 

    An interesting perspective.  As a lower than dirt undergraduate
most whom's field work was always on a strictly volunteer basis for the
Denver Museum, I have never felt that way.  I am glad to be involved in
fieldwork and the preservation of fossils, even if there is a strong
possibility that no one may get a chance to prepare and describe the bone
for years, I think it at least has a stronger possibility of providing
information to science in a museum collection.     

>The warmth and luster of a real dinosaur bone is as unique as a diamond
>to me, and actually more treasured.

    Personally, I would rather have a high quality cast of a nice
specimen rather then own a crappy little peice of real dinosaur bone, but
maybee its just me.
    As far as Sue is concerned, I think it would be nice to guarantee her
relatively easy access by all the experts on theropod dinosaurs
(particularly tyrannosaurs) in North America, rather then rolling the dice
an hoping she ends up in SOME scientific instutute rather then on
somebody's mantlepeice.

LN Jeff