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Croc origin?

      I am looking for published criticisms of the crocodile theory for
bird origins, particularly toward Alick Walker's 1972 paper in Nature
(237:257-263).  I am wading through this one with some difficulty (the
writing isn't as concise as it could be, and I am still working on my
archosaur osteology), and have little idea how to judge if some of the
cranial and shoulder girdle comparisons between birds and crocodiles,
whether they represent covergence, or are actually features (he mentions,
of all things, the antorbital and mandibular fenestrae!) present in
dinosaurs and other archosaurs as well.  I may come back on with some
quaetions when I get the whole thing straight in my head.     

LN Jeff
"This is where pies go when they die."