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Re: Oviraptor and feathered...

ou wrote: 
>    Greetings all,
>        In the Bob Bakker interview, he mentioned possible preserved 
>ornithischian skin with feather imprints, discovered by Rev.Edward 
>Hitchcock... What's up with this? He sounded pretty sure of it, but 
>I've never heard anything about this before, and one would think that 
>if it was what he said it was, we would have heard more of it. 

Which was only brought up because of a talk and paper in the The Contental 
Jurassic Symposium by Gerard Gierlinski, 1996. Feather-like Impressions in a 
Theropod Resting Trace from the Lower Jurassic of Masschusetts. The C
ontinental Jurassic. Michael Morales, ed., Museum of Northern Arizona Bulletin 
60: 179-184.

It is from an Eubrontes pes prints, both feet, and a pubis print? To 
Gierlinski there seems to be feather prints from a sliding print.

Also the track maker is dubious. It might not be from an ornithischian.

Paul Olsen dosen't believe him as do some others.