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Re: Broken Stegosaur spike

You wrote: 
>If Stegosaurus stenops broke off half of one of its tailspikes, say, 
>defending itself (humor me here for a moment, those of you who don't 
>believe it was a weapon), what would the break look like?  Would it 
>clean off or would it splinter along the length of the spike?  I'm 
>looking for you to "draw me a picture."  Was there a sheath of 
>over bone?  Would it have bled profusely or broken off clean?

I'd probably look like the broken tail spike from the new Canon City 
Stegosaurus stenops that Ken Carpenter is working on. That specimen has 
a broken tail spike. 


Ken Carpenter, 1996. A New Look at Stegosaurus. Dinosaur Discoveries,  
Number 1: 6-7.