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Re: Cooperative Behavior

In a message dated 97-02-25 01:25:41 EST, you write:

<< Lions do exhibit cooperative behavior as well as wild dogs and wolves 
 among others(there are more).  This is not we see you, the fastest 
 catch it, someone kills it.  It requires at least higher learning if 
 not abstraction.  >>

Is this really a case of higher learning, or an prime example of a
genetically programmed behavior, backed up with a lot of learning from mom
and/or dad?  Dinosaurs had MUCH more time to develop and perfect
genetically-ingrained behavior patterns, and might have been able to learn
from parents, as well.  We seem to forget how many behavoirs seem to have a
genetic component, and how long dinosaurs worked on their DNA before they
snuffed it.  Perhaps they had some extremely elegant behaviors programmed
into their genome.

Unfortunately, without having living subjects to study, the entire matter is
pure conjecture (as stated by my Behavioral Genetics professor when he gave
me a B on my paper discussing possible genetic behaviors associated with
predatory dinosaurs.)

Oh, Well.



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