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Re: Cooperative Behavior

> << Lions do exhibit cooperative behavior<snip>
> Is this really a case of higher learning, or an prime example of a
> genetically programmed behavior, backed up with a lot of learning from mom
> and/or dad? <snip>

That's a great question.  I agree.  It's likely that cooperative 
behavior is both genetic and learned.  Lions cannot draw battle plans 
in the sand or tell each other what to do.  They have large enough 
brains to learn how to hunt though.  They learn (? most of) their 
cooperative skills by watching and being trained by others.  Their 
genes give them  skills.  This is evident by watching cubs stalk 
and lions on their first hunts.  I think that dinosaur brains would 
have limited them in learning compared to lions, but how much is pure 

I've always wondered if we knew more about dinosaurs, would they be 
as fascinating???

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