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Re: Fwd: [Fwd: Re: NOVA]

>In a message dated 97-03-03 09:30:37 EST, th81@umail.umd.edu (Thomas R.
>Holtz, Jr.) writes:
><< I would much rather have Sue wind up in the hands of a foreign museum than
> in the hands of a private American collector (say, Michael Jackson) who
> wouldn't give any scientists access to the specimen. >>
>I too see nothing wrong with a "foreign" museum getting Sue but the assertion
>that possession by a private collector automatically means it will be
>unavailable to science is an allegation. It is in the best interests of an
>owner to make extremely rare and important finds available to professionals
>for proper documentation, if for no other reason than to increase it's value.

        Might there be some tests or procedures, possibly destructive, that
a paleo might want to perform that the owner might not want to permit?
(what a clumsy sentence!)


        "Dammit, Philbert; what kind of a lepidopterist are you?  For god's 
man; stand up to them!"