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At 02:15 PM 3/5/97 GMT+1000, T. Williams wrote:
>> However, subsequent to that publication, Hans Sues (Royal Ontario Museum)
>> has described some material which pretty convincingly shows what has been
>> suspected for some time: that elmisaurids were the bodies of the
>> oviraptorosaur group Caenagnathidae.
>Ah, so the rumors are true.  Is this the _Chirostenotes_ specimen that
>was stuck in a crate gathering dust for sixty years - a specimen that 
>includes a braincase and vertebrae (but, alas, lacks most of the 


>Is there a publication out yet?

Not yet, but Hans presented a paper on this specimen at the Society of
Vertebrate Paleontology meeting a few years ago (abstract available in 1994.
JVP: 14 (Supplement to 3):48A).
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