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Re: Audubon article

At 01:13 AM 3/5/97 -0700, Mikiel wrote:
>> I finally got a chance to see Virginia Morell's Audubon article
>> 1997 issue) on the new Chinese feathered theropod.  (It is referred to as
>> _Compsognathus prima_ in the article: should that be changed to _C.
>       Have I missed something?  Is this a new name for _Sinosauropteryx 
> prima_?

   I didn't read the article but skimmed it (the bookstore seems to have a
problem with people reading the articles rather than buying the mag), but
the fossil was called _Compsognathus prima_.  My guess is whoever wrote it
is referring the animal to _Compsognathus_ ... which makes those Solnhofen
_Compsognathus_ specimens warrant renewed scrutiny, I would think, if the
referral is correct.

   BTW, the color pictures weren't detailed, but the structures impressed in
the rock looked hairlike to me.  Someone on here once said they thought it
might be a ridge of scales like the crest of certain lizards ... I'm not
familiar with lizards, anybody know of any non-archosaurian reptiles with
scales that look like hair?

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