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RE:I see Marsh, you see Marsh, we see Marsh!

        1) [Topical spiel] Does anyone know anything about the theropod
which was supposedly discovered in Greenland a few years ago?  Reports (from
a sources close to the MCZ) had it as a small (12-18in femur) theropod, with
complete limbs and pelvis.
        2) [Administrativa] As someone with a long sig file, I'd like to
point out that while Dr. Holtz's sig may have accounted for around 7% of the
last digest, quoted materail which was *not* the subject of a response
accounted for a heck of a lot (possibly close to 40%?).
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not support this functionality, please check with your local computer geeks
to see if you can get a cheapie primative program to do this.  I am
interested in a brief synopsis of something you are responding to, but I
don't think any of us need a complete copy of the message itself.
        Sorry for hollerin'.
        Yes, I'll look into squishing my sig file...
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