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Dinosaurus (not a commercial, honest)

Sam j hogan wrote:
> >  The latest issue of DINOSAURUS Magazine 

> Is this an on-line mag?  If so, is it web accessible, or e-mail? 

Dinosaurus is a full color slick and glossy magazine that has had a very
rocky beginning.  Plainly speaking, it sucked when it first hit the
public square between the eyes.  But they've been trying to relaunch the
magazine with dedication to at least attempting accuracy.  I think the
latest issue shows they've made progress (of course, I wrote half of the
text - - the "good" half, natch).  

Anyway, you can get info by calling 1-888-DINOMAG (toll free).  Not a
commerical, just a public service. 

*kel, self serving girl writer <grin>