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Re: photos on the web

> I will elabourate a bit.  My page will be on tyrannosaurs.  I have pictures
> of Tyrannosaurus, Albertosaurus, and Daspletosaurus that I took myself.  I
> will list the museum/exhibition that they were displayed in.  Should I do
> more.  I would also like to include drawings and pictures from other
> sources.  Do I ask the artist/photographer?  Reference them? Not use them?
> Most people just use the picture, regardless of what the owner thinks.  

     Last year I had some involvement with a dinosaur web page.  I wanted
to use a skeletal restoration of _Herrerasaurus_ by Paul Sereno, a
skeletal reconstruction and restoration of _Euoplocephalus_ by Ken
Carpenter, and the _Acehlousaurus_ and _Einiosaurus_ skull drawings out of
Scott Sampson't JVP article.  I e-mailed all three and received responses
from Sereno and Ken granting me permission to use thier figures.
However, Scott Sampson specifically asked me NOT to use his JVP article
pictures (due to some sort of legal complication), and instead sent me his
Centrosaur paper, which had line drawings of _Achelousaurus_ and
_Einiosaurus_ that he said I could use.  I suspect that dino-artists would
be a little less accomodating since they may feel more attached to thier
work then scientists do to thier figures.  It is always more polite to
    Hopefully that was informative and not just a boring story.

LN Jeff
      "When you are ten years old and waiting for the bus and a car drives
by and splashes you, its hard to decide whether or not to keep waiting
or run home for a change of clothes.  So while he was standing there
thinking about it, I drove by and splashed him again."