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Re: photos on the web

Darryl writes:

>I am going to be making a web page in the near future and I would like to
>know etiquette about putting pictures on the page.  I know there are at
>least a few professionals on the list, so the last thing I would wish to do
>is offend/rip them off.  Is it OK to scan pictures if they are properly
>referenced?  How would I go about linking pictures on other pages to mine (I
>know how to physically do it, but how to do it without stepping on toes).

>I will elabourate a bit.  My page will be on tyrannosaurs.  I have pictures
>of Tyrannosaurus, Albertosaurus, and Daspletosaurus that I took myself.  I
>will list the museum/exhibition that they were displayed in.  Should I do

Are they of the skeletons, or of reconstructions?  Skeletal material need
not be referenced further than what you suggest, although finding out and
crediting who did the mounting is good, and an interesting piece of
information to have on your site.  Dinosaur restoration art should be
credited with the artist's permission..

  I would also like to include drawings and pictures from other
>sources.  Do I ask the artist/photographer?

Yes. Absolutely.  If you need any help finding out who did what, perhaps we
can help, otherwise, simply asking permission is polite, and remember,
artists are very wary of usage because they are all planning their own web

 Reference them? Not use them?
>Most people just use the picture, regardless of what the owner thinks.

That is illegal, however prevalent and MUST STOP!

>internet is still a copyright grey area,

not really, it is fully covered by existing copyright law, people are not
very aware of existing copyright law, causing problems and there simply has
not been a body of cases brought to court establishing precedent law of

especially when crossing borders.
>I do not wish to anger anybody, but I would like to include some work from
>other people, either because I cannot do it all myself or because nobody
>would want to look at it if I did it myself.
>Any replies would be greatly appreciated.

I have written abook on this subject entitled "Copyrights, Contracts,
Pricing & Ethical Guidelines for Dinosaur Artists and Paleonologists"
published by the Dinosaur Society and downloadable (for free!) on their
website, www.dinosociety.org under "publications"  It should answer any
specific questions.  Thanks for asking.  Tess

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>from the Complete T.rex, 1993)
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