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Sig Files and Quotations

I choose not to append my sig to nearly all posts to mailing lists.  I treat
it as a means of providing additional information that is contextually

Although I rarely post to this list, the dinosaur list is populated by many
regulars. I choose to avoid appending my sig here.  How many times do you
really want to see:  "I never Metasequoia I didn't like".  However, if
someone really feels that their sig is important enough to be in each
message, I respect their choice to include it.  It is one of those personal
responsibility issues.

On the other hand, when emailing an individual, my sig may have additional
purpose and function that is appropriate.

The issue of quoting previous messages is apparently eternal. I agree, that
we need to pare down to the necessary citation, and quoth the raven,
"nothing more". 

Michael (good)

M (even better)