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re:photos on the web

Darryl wrote: dinoguy@interlog.com:
>  Is it OK to scan pictures if they are properly referenced?  

If you have written permission from the copyright holder you can scan
-but even if you HAD it in hand, copy places like KINKO's would still be
difficult to convince to scan in the picture.  
I am the copyright holder of my own artwork and have to show PHOTO ID to
do this to prove I'm the same person that signed the work.
Private scanning on your own scanner MUST have written permission from
the copyright holder as well.
The only exception would be source that is LABELLED as copyright-free
such as Dover clip-art books.

>  I would also like to include drawings and pictures from other
> sources.  Do I ask the artist/photographer? 

It CANNOT be published in any medium without permission of the copyright
That includes cake decorations, tattoos, ice sculpture, or origami.  Any
Copyright holders may also include the publishers of a magazine that the
art was published in, or the publisher of a book, so check these as

> Most people just use the picture, regardless of what the owner thinks. 
If you want to remain on speaking terms with the artist or photographer
in question, ask them.
Even if you have no intentions of selling the work.  
If you do not want to be sued by them, ask them.  
They will find it out anyways, if you use it un-asked.  There are only
so many dinosaur websites.
If they say no, don't use it.
Some will provide better source, if asked and are willing, but the
Internet is not a safe place to put copywritten art as it takes a simple
right-click to download a file.  And these people depend on the control
and sale of these artworks to pay rent.  
Don't make them mad.  
Respect them if they say no.

> internet is still a copyright grey area, especially when crossing borders.

Not to international copyright laws.  Which are quite suitable.  Thank
you very much.
           Betty Cunningham  
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