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97 Cal Paleo Conference info?

from http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/calpaleo/calpaleo.html
>The University of California Museum of Paleontology is pleased to host the 
>1997 California Paleontology Conference. 
>This annual conference is an opportunity for California paleontologists, and 
>others with an interest in the paleontology of the region, to >present their 
>research and to exchange ideas with colleagues. 

>Usually held in April, Cal Paleo this year will be held the weekend of March 
>22 -- 
>so if you are considering attending, now is the time to start preparing your 
>Abstracts that are submitted by February 22 will be published in PaleoBios, 
>the internationally distributed journal produced by the Museum of

Lovely.  It is now March 5th and I'd like more information on this but
nothing has been posted on this website about times, schedules, or costs
to attend.
Nor who to contact about said information.  

Ben, your name is NOT FOUND on the page-authors as well
           Betty Cunningham  
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