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Dino & Copyrights

>>Most people just use the picture, regardless of what the owner thinks.
>That is illegal, however prevalent and MUST STOP!
> it [ed note:  the internet] is fully covered by existing copyright law,
people are not
>very aware of existing copyright law, causing problems and there simply
has not >been a body of cases brought to court establishing precedent law
of >notoriety  .especially when crossing borders.
In an effort to inform dino writers, artists and others, zenlizard offers
Copyright law states in part that a copyright exists as soon as material
is set "in a fixed form".  Notice of such copyright is NOT necessary to
secure it:  the copyright still exists and is held by the author/artist,
etc.  HOWEVER, there is a thing called  "accidental infringement".  That
is, if you do not put a copyright notice on a piece of work and try to
sue someone for infringement, you are opening up a wonderful opportunity
for your and the other person's lawyer to argue ad infinitum whether the
defendant should be held liable, or whether the violation was accidental,
and thus, there is no liability.  Moral:  If you want to protect
something, PUT A COPYRIGHT NOTICE ON IT.  *ALWAYS* get the permission of
an artist/author whenever you use something that is not your own work,
even if there is no copyright notice.  Note that I am not a lawyer, and
the preceeding is not to be taken as absolute legal advice.  In
particular, i am not aware if the copyright law applies to the internet,
although I don't see any reason why it shouldn't; and I remind people of
the assertion quoted in the inclusion.