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Just heard through the rumor mill...

A group of Native Americans on the Blackfoot reservation
in Western Montana (who are engaged in finding dino fossil bones
and selling them to various commercial dealers) found a specimen
which is four feet long and 90% complete. It is unusual in
having "teeth like a sauropod, but with serated edges".
Supposedly, a paleontologist (perhaps named "Trexler" but
that's not clear) is doing a formal write up, and thinks it
is an entirely new type. The fossil dealer I deal with
said he assumed it was on the Two Medicine formation but
it could be St Mary's; these are the two under the reservation.

Rumor has it that the Indians/Native-Americans have refused
to let Dr Horner work on it since they're upset with him over

There you have it. Being a rumor, take it for what it's worth.
It should go without saying that this is ALL of the information
I have, but if I don't say so I'll get 30 Emails asking for more.
If/when I know more, i'll post it.