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Re: making my web page

At 07:38 PM 3/6/97 -0500, Darryl wrote:
>1.      If I took the photo myself of a museum skeleton, I need only tell
>where the specimen is.

>All of my own photos are of skeletons.  This means I must only put at the
>bottom of the picture (or whatever) "This Daspletosaurus torosus is at the
>Canadian Museum of Nature".  Other than that, I need to get writing to
>various people.  If that doesn't work, I need to learn to draw :-).

   Actually, I've kind of been wondering about this myself.  I know some
museums restrict or even outright forbid the taking of photographs.  I've
heard rumors of museums going so far to complain loudly and mightily, if not
prosecute, over published photographs.  I wonder if a photograph of a
mounted specimen could be considered a derivitate work?  Fair Use would
still apply, but I wonder if there's any case law on this matter.

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