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Pterosaur Breeding Site Fossils?

Hello all,

I recently came across an article by Carl Zimmer in Discover of June 1995
on the discovery of what appeared (as stated in the article) to be "remains
of a pterosaur breeding colony." The article said that "[Mike] Bell, a
geologist at the Cheltenham and Gloucester College of High Education in
England, has discovered a pterosaur graveyard in Chile that contains the
fossils of thousands of young animals. It may once have been a pterosaur
breeding colony." The "graveyard" was found on the slopes of Cerro la Isla
Mountain (the mountain's elevation: 13 000 ft). Fossils were apparently
sent to Kevin Padian at U of California, Berkeley, and Padian did studies
on them (talked about in the article).

My question is if anything new has turned up on this? Also, does anyone
have a reference for any descriptions or papers etc. that may have been
published on the topic.