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What is publishing?

Response from dinoguy:
>But it is not publishing for profit, hence my confusion.  I am not arguing
>that it is not publishing, but I wanted to know how it could classify as
>publishing the same way putting out a book would be.
     Publishing has nothing whatsoever to do with profit. Most books lose
money for a publishing house....hence not only do they not profit, but have a
negative profit margin. This loss is balanced by the books and publications
which do extremely well on the profitablilty scale (although not necessarily
on the readability scale!).
     Some authors/artists/photographers self-publish...pay to have their work
published. This usually results in little or no profit and many times a huge
loss finaniacially for the self-publisher. But, it is still considered
     The definition of publishing from The Merriam-Webster Collegiate
Dictionary follows. This is an example of "fair use." I am using a miniscule
portion of a reference book and, more importantly, I am not publishing it
since this is a private forum.

       "pub*lish (verb)
       [Middle English, modification of Middle French publier, from Latin
       from publicus public]
          verb transitive
          First appeared 14th Century
          1 a : to make generally known
          b : to make public announcement of
          2 a : to disseminate to the public
          b : to produce or release for distribution; specifically : PRINT 2c
          c : to issue the work of (an author)"

     So, to publish means to make available to the public. It has NOTHING to
do with profit or potential profit. As a grade school teacher, you should
know the definitions of words that are commonly used.

>I think you overestimate how many people have permission to use the
>materials on their page.  This does not make it right, ony prevalent.
     I believe you are severely overestimating the number of people who are
commiting copyright infringement. Even my 11 year old daughter, who publishes
a web magazine written by kids, must obtain the permission of each writer and
their parents before she can PUBLISH even a three line poem in her web pages.
(If any of you have children who would like to have their writing published
let me know...my daughter could use some well-written and accurate articles
about dinosaurs for her magazine.)
     I believe strongly in high-quality, professional publishing, even on web
pages. I demand that from my 11 year old daughter and would expect nothing
less from a grade school teacher. If we do not respect the property and works
of others, we only diminish our own works and accomplishments.
     I admire what you are trying to do. But realize what you are doing is
considered publishing and we must all follow the laws and etiquette of that
forum if we wish to venture into it.
     I will make no further comments on the copyright issue. I believe it is
undermining the purpose of this forum and has become an unproductive issue. I
am looking forward to returning to the "exchanges on scientific issues
relating to

Lisa Viger