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Re: Copyright in the classroom

LViger@aol.com wrote:
> At 09:16 AM 3/7/97 -0600, Rob Meyerson wrote:
> >To stretch this question even further, how does the current copyright law
> relate
> >to classroom-lecture slide presentations (also include oral reports at
> >professional meetings)?  I know many professors who use book illustrations
> and
> >drawings to emphasise the points that are being made; could this be
> interpreted
> >as an illegal activity?  I wish to know, so that when I find myself
> presenting
> >material in a classroom setting, I can be aware of the limits involved.

Then there is taking what you learn at a lecture and passing it off as 
your own.

John Ostrom suing Bob Bakker for plagerism. He lost.

The fact that many of us will not discuss somethings even at 
professional meetings for fear that we will see it in someone elses 

Jim K.