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Re: Hell Creek seaway

Tompaleo@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 97-03-03 23:54:01 EST, you write:
> >  Some taxa like Myledaphus and earlier undescribed genera in
> >  the lineage have never or very rarely been found in marine strata.
> >  Lisodus is known in freshwater back to the Triassic.
> >
> Regards,
> Thomas R. Lipka
> Paleontological/Geological Studies
> And we have fresh water occurrences of Hybodus sp, (I think Salmon-like)as 
> well as >Lissodus 
Some species freshwater and some marine.
> and Ticodus (spelling?)Yes, what taxon is this. Could you send me a complete 
> vertebrate faunal 
list for the Arundel. 
 > in the Arundel Clay (Aptian) of Maryland  too!

And where did you get an Aptian age. Everything I have says Albian.

>Athough the proximity of the depositional basin at that time was very 
>close to the sea it could mean that te above were anadromus or at least 
>patrolled into fresher waters.

We see the same thing with Lepodotes in the Cenomanian Dakota Fm. Many 
insist that it is a marine taxa, but we can document it as abundant in 
riverine deposits far inland. However it also occurs in beach sands so I 
believe it ranges regularly up and down rivers like striped bass.

Jim K.