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Jurassic Park Movie Errors

I've begun to compile a list of dinosaur errors as depicted in "Jurassic
Park" -- the book (JPB), "Jurassic Park" -- the movie (JPM), and "Lost
World"-- the book (LWB).  For now,  I've got the JPB errors pretty well
done, and would like folks to contribute to my list for JPM dinosaur

I'm sure this will evoke a lot of response, so my request is to*just
respond to me off-list.*  If anyone is interested in my compilation, when
I'm done I'll be glad to either e-mail or snail mail the results.  If you
send a reply to the dinosaur list, please don't also reply to me.  I
don't need the duplication: send to one or the other, preferably to me
directly, so folks don't keep rolling their eyes at the subject line and
threaten to throw me off the list!  Thanks!

Why do this? I have been putting together training materials for our
summer dinosaur exhibit volunteers every year since 1989, and this just
helps me focus on any dinosaur misconceptions that the volunteers may
come up against that they may need to gently correct.  We endeavor to
portray dinosaurs as accurately as possible.

Again, I'm only interested in the errors concerning dinosaurs, and other
extinct critters, not chaos theory or any other esoterica.  Thanks to all
for your help in this! :-)

Judy Molnar
Education Associate
Virginia Living Museum