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new refs

Here are the new ones for the past few weeks...

Paleontological events :  stratigraphic, ecological, and evolutionary
implications /  edited by Carlton E. Brett and Gordon C. Baird.  New York :
Columbia University Press,  1997.   
Includes bibliographical references and index.   
Paleontology, Stratigraphic.   Taphonomy.   
Brett, Carlton E.  (Carlton Elliot)   
Baird, Gordon C.   
ISBN: 0231082509  LCCN:    96001558   
LC: QE711.2  .P32 1996  Dewey: 560/.17  20   
Price: $    65.00       

Kevin Padian 1997a, [review of Feduccia 1996a], American Scientist,
the full text can be found at

JT Geochimica et cosmochimica acta.
DA DEC 01 1996 v 60 n 24
PG 5133    
AU Ebihara, M.   
AU Miura, T.   
TI Chemical characteristics of the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary layer at
Gubbio, Italy
AB Platinum metals (Pd, Ir, Pt) and Au were determined by radiochemical
neutron activation analysis (RNAA) on Cretaceous-Tertiary (K-T) boundary
samples collected at Gubbio, Italy.  In addition, about thirty elements
were determined by instrumental NAA (MAA) for both the Cretaceous and the
Tertiary layer samples, as well as the boundary clay samples.  Iridium and
other Pt metals were observed to be similarly enriched, relative to
CI-chondrite, in the boundary layers, i.e., they occur in chondritic
ratios.  On the other hand, correlations among the metals are not very
good, suggesting that Pt metals were not incorporated into clay materials
in a single phase, but rather, they behaved separately according to their
own solution chemistries.  In the Gubbio section, the chemical composition
does not change so much across the K-T boundary layer, except for Ir (and
possibly other Pt group elements) and is very similar to that of the
''North American shale composite (NASC)''.  Arsenic and Sb were observed
not to be anomalously enriched in the Gubbio K-T boundary layers.  This
implies that their abundances cannot be a clue in elucidating an event
which must have happened at the K-T boundary period.  NASC-normalized REE
abundance patterns for the boundary samples show characteristic features
due to some REE precipitation out of seawater. REE abundances are not
variable among the Cretaceous, the Tertiary, and the boundary samples,
suggesting that conditions for precipitation and sedimentation were similar
across the K-T boundary at Gubbio.

JT Geology.
DA JAN 01 1997 v 25 n 1
PG 92    
AU Pecheux, M.   
AU Michaud, F.   
AU Stinnesbeck, Wolfgang   
TI Yucatan subsurface stratigraphy: Implications and constraints for the
Chicxulub impact

JT Palaios.
DA FEB 01 1997 v 12 n 1
PG 43   
AU Eberth, David A.   
AU Brinkman, Donald B.   
TI Paleoecology of an Estuarine, Incised-Valley Fill in the Dinosaur Park
Formation (Judith River Group, Upper Cretaceous) of Southern Alberta,
abstract available at

JT Palaios.
DA FEB 01 1997 v 12 n 1
PG 59   
AU Fastovsky, David E.   
AU Badamgarav, Demchig   
AU Weishampel, David B.   
TI The Paleoenvironments of Tugrikin-Shireh (Gobi Desert, Mongolia) and
 of the Taphonomy and Paleoecology of Protoceratops (Dinosauria:   
abstract available at

JT Park science
DA Fall 1996 v 16 n 4
PG 14   
AU Anthony Fiorillo, Richard L. Harris, Cathleen L. May
TI Late Jurassic Dinosaur Remains from Curecanti National Recreational Area
full text available at